Ivan Rusachek


Born on 10/05/1976.

  • graduated from faculty of arts at the Grodno state university Janka Kupala
  • (Minsk) was trained at faculty of graphics of the Belarusian state academy of arts
  • worked as the graphic artist of Creative academic workshops at RB Ministry of Culture (the degree project – illustrations to Dante Alighieri work "Divine comedy" under the leadership of academician Mikhail Savitsky is executed)
  • the graphic artist of creative workshops of "Tower" of the Belarusian union of artists
  • member of the Belarusian union of artists

Ivan Rusachek works as an artist in different types of the fine arts:

  • graphics: etching, illustrations for books;
  • sculpture: plaster, stone;
  • dekoratorsky art: metal, glass, plaster.

Various materials, from paper to a stone, Ivan Rusachek uses for plastic visualization.

For Ivan Rusachek creativity is represented a pyramid, at the heart of which not a form, not a material, and first of all idea – a work root. The idea sets a material choice, a form and the amount of future work. Thus, the word, a sign and a symbol make a basis of the conceived.

Ivan Rusachek in "studio" creates theater of words and symbols, characters and their shadows. This theater he calls "Puppet theater".

Movement of words as gears in a clockwork, set a pendulum in motion, everything comes to life: there are intelligent phrases, ideas find a form. Light is switched on, there are shadows. Light opens the world real and imagined. Light as if the lifted curtain, revealing a mimicry of persons and gestures, begins theatrical action.

"Puppet theater" attracts with the magic atmosphere connected with miracle of revival of a lifeless subject – dolls. That represents a doll body, it is visible to everyone, and that such the doll soul, doesn't know anybody. It is shrouded still in bigger secret, than soul of the person. The secret is stronger, the more it to herself attracts. Sometimes everything reminds a mosaic collected from the smallest elements. And at times everything is aggregated, falls superfluous, insignificant, there is only indivisible formula which it is possible to call "sign". So sign property of a doll opens. Thanks to it unreal it is organically interwoven in real, ritual mixes up with the fantastic – multilevel systems of meanings are so created. In a word, movement, light, a shadow tell that "is seen" by the artist in the phenomenon internal or the phenomenon external.

Words symbols are images of all concreteness and all phenomena round the person. There is no pointless symbol. On a sheet of paper there is a line, then one more, they intertwine, "play", thereby giving rise to new lines, – so there is a picture. On a sheet of paper there is the life: from this leaf the familiar person looks at us, on other leaf we want to glance in the cracked window, and from the third - we are watched attentively by an angel. As though also all our life is no other than filling of a big pure cloth with unique images.